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UPDATED 01/01/2024 


How to Consign Women's, Men's, & Juniors clothing, home decor and small furniture with Repeat Street

At Repeat Street in Gurnee, we work on consignment.  That means you bring your items in and we look them over to determine what we can accept to put out for sale.  What we do put out, we put out for 60 days — that is the consignment period. Whatever sells within that 60 days, you receive 40% of the sales price for clothing, accessories and home decor OR 50% for luxury items (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci).

Read our Consignment Contract

We Accept Only Name Brand Authentic Items

Items must be in like-new condition, freshly cleaned, free of stains or odors or any other obvious signs of wear and tear, and that have been purchased new within the last two to three years — so they are within current styles and trends.

When customers realize a business sold them a counterfeit product, they lose their trust and wonder what else the store is being dishonest about.  At Repeat Street, we will not ever knowingly sell a counterfeit product.  If we are not sure of the authenticity of a product, we will not accept it unless we have had it authenticated by a third-party company who can verify its authenticity.

Items Should Be Ready To Sell

Clothes must be brought in wrinkle free on hangers (1 item per hanger). Shoes should be out of the box and placed in a paper shopping bag (designer shoe boxes like Christian Louboutin, Valentino, Chanel, etc. are welcome). We cannot accept items that are in plastic bags. We will not accept discount store brands or items that have any type of stains or odors as our customers do not want to purchase items that don’t look like they are new. Our customers’ preferences guide our selections.

When bringing items in, all clothes must come in on hangers (1 item per hanger).  Shoes, purses, accessories and home décor items can come in a bin, box or paper shopping bag.  We will not accept anything in plastic bags.  Please label your boxes, bins and bags with your name and phone number prior to bringing them in.  

ALL ITEMS not accepted by Repeat Street during the intake process will automatically be donated.  We will not call you to let you know of these items. 


If you’re not sure about some labels you have, just ask us. We want to sell the items you bring us and do our best to make sure they are what our customers are looking for. Items offered with stains, tears or in need of cleaning will not be accepted.

Accessories & Shoes

Shoes sell extremely well if they are in excellent shape. We sell everything from Nike to Donald Pliner. Purses by Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Kate Spade and other high-end designers sell very well.

Furniture & Home Goods

We accept small furniture items and home decor. Best selling items are accent chairs, end tables, ottomans — basically, if it fits in your car, bring it on in!

Any furniture pieces must be approved for consignment prior to bringing them in. Email furniture pictures with description, your name, phone number to

If you have any questions about the consignment process, click HERE to send us a message.